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joshua murillo
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I grew up in the Napa Valley and started drawing as a child, some 22 years ago. I've taken a few art classes throughout the years, but am mainly self-taught. I studied Physics and Philosophy in college in Santa Barbara, and Physics in grad school in Honolulu.
For about the first ten years I was making art I was only drawing with pencil or ink. I started using color about twelve years ago, and since then I've found a love for oil paint, chalk pastels, oil pastels, as well as acrylic paint for large scale murals.
My work is in 2D media and, until recently, was solely composed of realistic imagery (though occasionally in surreal combinations), i.e. landscapes, people, animals, still life, cosmological images, etc. My most recent venture has taken a distinctly abstract turn that is inspired by my studies in the field of Particle Physics.

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