Emily Freiman

I've been interested in creating art, which is surely a subjective version of the world as
I see it, since a child and have studied it my entire life in various forms.
I received through study of the history, traditions, and principles of the classical fine arts a
solid basic training from Paier College of Art in Connecticut during the early 1970s while
majoring in illustration. The world of art I was exposed to in school was hugely competitive,
and I faltered with my sense of self, place, and security.
In conjunction with leaving the east coast, settling in California, marriage, and motherhood,
I continued to express my creative urges by finding support in Chinese brush painting and
textile design, applying it to home textiles and clothing. Art as a therapeutic tool for creativity,
discovery and healing came later, as I earned an MA in Art Therapy in 1994. Following an
intense career working as Art Therapist and instructor/teacher for 15 years at several
institutions, I retired at age 59.
In 2010, I joined the Art Association Napa Valley community, became a board member, and
eventually accepted the position of President in 2014, honing leadership skills and instructing
in several artistic mediums.
The work you see here represents my venture into the world of abstract painting, a step
sideways from the style of representational/realistic art in which I have been steeped. I
quickly recognized that utilizing the same solid concepts I had been taught -- line, form,
color, shape, value, texture, and space -- was the key to a balanced, pleasing successful work
of abstraction. I'm delighted in realizing I had included positive emotional elements expressed
by my peers in seeing my abstracts for the first time: whimsy, happiness and joy. The stress
was off. I learned I need only be in competition with myself.

Art Association Napa Valley is supported, in part, by the Napa County Arts & Culture Commission.

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