Jan Schnurr

Artist Details

Painter, Jan Schnurr is a mid-career, emerging artist-teacher whose interest is in both natural and man-made forms created by experimentations with many mediums.
My teaching experience spans over two decades of teaching fine art to elementary as well as high school students both in the private and public sector. “I have enjoyed learning from my students as I have shared and hopefully instilled an appreciation and love of art while at the same time helping students find their own creative voices”.
I get my inspiration from many sources, including personal experiences with nature, traveling, books, media, people or memories, drawing from all of these to create artwork. “Abstracts allows me total freedom of expression in painting as well as other mediums”. Jackson Pollock and Vasily Kandinsky were the first abstract artists that influenced me as a young artist. Many others such as Richard Diebenkorn and Ellsworth Kelly were influences as I began developing my own style. “I have a great love of color, pattern and design”.
Lastly, I continue to exhibit in many juried gallery and museum shows and are collected in private and public collections as well as winning numerous awards for my work.

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