John Comisky

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Hi, I’m John Comisky. Some think of me as a wildlife photographer (and I am), but I didn’t start out that way. In fact, up to a turning point about 3 years ago, I only shot wildlife by what I call “accidental intersections.” Originally the subjects that pulled my eye tended to be landscapes, tricks of the moment, and worlds within worlds – subjects of beauty and meaning hiding in the upholstery of the background.

Then wildlife entered my life, through my association with Napa Wildlife Rescue. It required a whole new set of photographic skills and equipment, and has gradually become prominent in my work. Now as I travel – the goal is to touch every state and continent with a few other destinations thrown in – I try to capture the soul of both place and the lives lived there, narrated in the language of the eye.

My photographs have been published in the Napa Register, Naps Valley Life and Napa Valley Marketplace. I was recently featured as the Artist of the Month in the Art in the Library program.

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