Carolyn Ellis

Artist Details

I believe in the exquisite power of vulnerability.

I believe our willingness to choose the path of exposure will lead us home. I believe the experiences we stumble to name are what we must speak of the most.

I am an abstract figurative artist. My work is an intimate conversation of tender and true questions — what do I long for, what do I fear, what do I label with shame, what cracks me open...what do I love?

Mark making offers a pathway back home to my essential forgotten self.
Bones drawn via blind-contour, dreams collaged, abstracts of oil pastels rubbed to a waxy glow, watercolor washes over crisp graphite lines — all are my gateways into the language of symbol and archetype.

My work is an invocation, an initiation, an invitation.

Each piece is incomplete until it enters into conversations with you. There are stories only revealed by your perspectives. And this, this, is why I do what I hear my story more clearly through your experience, to offer mine so you may hear yours. This is no easy conversation — it is challenging and beautiful.

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