Vincent Thomas Connors

Artist Details

My artistic processes and outputs move between mediums; drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, installation, and design each have had a place and continue to play a role.

I started focusing on my art full-time in the spring of 2015. With permission, I commandeered an area of barn on my wife’s property and established Devaux Ranch Studio as a permanent creative space. For nearly three years, that space provided line, shape, texture and color inspiration with the surrounding vineyards. Beginning with painting and photography, I also revisited screen printing and sculpture, and created a public installation in the town of Yountville during that time. Unfortunately, the permanency of that location was short lived, and the studio was obliterated in the 2017 Tubbs fire.

With the generous support and patronage of Steltzner Vineyards and Heron House in Yountville, I have been able to establish a satellite “Heron House Studio”, while the original location is rebuilt. This new creative space has had its own influences on my creativity. Built originally as a machine maintenance shed for use in farming, it included some welding and woodworking equipment. While continuing to paint, I now also utilize the new tools available to create three dimensional work of form and function. Using metal collected from vineyards with primarily metal and wood. Now based in the Rutherford District in Napa, my work continues to be influenced by the local landscape and industry.

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