Joan Jakel

Artist Details

The desire to inspire and empower people to turn their dreams into reality is what drives me and fuels my passion. I started my professional career as a business attorney and for twenty years, I helped entrepreneurs launch and grow their businesses. My muses taunted me to engage my creativity to further my mission and I was unable to resist their calling. I decided to let my right brain be my guide and I began experimenting in art in 2011.

Since that time, I’ve played with pastels, watercolors, acrylics, charcoals and drawing while falling in love with mixed medium and collages. I am a self-taught artist and my desire is to create art that empowers & fuels the soul! My mixed medium collages and unique pieces are created with a variety of paints, papers, words, statements, nature, jewelry, gems and more to nourish your heart, ignite your passion and give wings to your dreams. Please enjoy my art and sample my inspiration on my website,

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