Joan Jakel

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I'm a self-taught, mixed medium artist and a certified Intentional Creativity teacher. My deepest held philosophy is I believe we each have something great within us and we're put here to share it. It’s already within you, waiting to be discovered and shared with the world if you aren’t sharing it already.

My art takes a close look at the journey of self-discovery and shares what I’ve learned. Every piece of art is a glimpse through a window into my soul. I provide you with colorful, artistic lessons that have shown up in my life, through my own experiences or through the interaction with the people in my life. My canvases may reveal an ideal I’m striving for or a mountain I’ve climbed or a question to which I’m seeking an answer or a celebration of life.

My divine goddess paintings are created through an Intentional Creativity process, a process which connects us to our sacred nature. Intentional Creativity uses the tools of creativity to guide others on their sacred journey to heal, transform and connect to what matters in their lives. It is based on inquiry, intention, imagination and creativity that, when combined, provide a soulful framework for accessing life. The heart guides the process and connects our right and left brain, integrating our whole self. Once integrated, we have access to our inner wisdom and higher consciousness which is called into form on the canvas and in our lives. Each divine goddess was created from a very sacred place using this very sacred process. When she calls to you, I believe we are connected by an invisible red thread that travels the cosmos destined to intertwine souls seeking to be on this journey together. Let's enjoy the ride!

Please enjoy my life ponderings, art and sample my inspiration on my website,

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