Carol Hood

I am an artist because of the grace of others. I have no formal training, only a great love of color, shape, and composition. I learned about photography at a very young age and was proudly hanging my sketches around the house by six. However, it wasn’t until I was studying for a PhD in Immunology, that I really started to find myself and understand how integrated I am with the arts. It was during those long years of study, surrounded by scientific papers, submerged in data and swimming in the starkness of this discipline, that I came to realize that I wasn’t complete unless I was actively expressing myself in some form of color and shape. An insight? A lightning bolt? An epiphany? Who knows, but the realization that expressing myself through drawings or photographs made my soul sing and was pivotal in starting my transformation.

It is often said that when the student is ready, the teacher, or teachers, will come. Whether fate, serendipity, or just plain luck, it was at the time of this artistic awakening and need that I had an opportunity to study under seascape artist, Joe Gulick. It was with him that my journey into the land of oil painting began. I have been blessed to have a kind, gracious and skilled mentor in Joe. At the ripe age of 89, he is still painting and I am still learning.

There have also been others who have been pivotal to my artistic development. The art community is a generous one and my teachers have been many. From new techniques, to business and presentation lessons, I have received valuable guidance. More importantly, I have found friends and a sense of community that I treasure dearly and to whom I am eternally grateful.

This real‐world schoolroom has enriched my work in a way that is only possible through the sharing of a life’s calling that is driven by passion and flamed by great love.

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