Maash Pascal

Artist Details

I am intrigued by and find limitless inspiration in the disparate elements of the natural world. My works express Nature's contrasts; flowing, angular, dark, light, small, large and bring them into balance within the composition.
Fundamentally eclectic, I move among figurative, abstract, and non-objective forms. Drawings and mixed media constitute a major portion of my work,and paintings, oil on canvas, depending on the best way to describe the subject or idea. I love all 2-D mediums, particularly, pen and ink, pencils of all kinds.

My artistic influences include cave paintings, Japanese calligraphy, Cubists. Modigliani, Georgia O'Keefe, and Touluse Lautrec. " The Face of Water" and "Twigs and Roots" are two series that have emerged as a result of my interest in the natural world. From time to time, I enjoy exploring anew my figurative work, mainly in drawing. I listen to the Spanish composer, Rodrigo, frequently while I work.

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