Karen Lynn Ingalls

Artist Details

Karen Lynn Ingalls, 2019 Open Studios catalog cover artist, is a working artist and art teacher who lives in Calistoga, and is known mostly for her brilliantly colored landscapes of rural California. Her artwork, including paintings, drawings, collages, and life-sized painted sculptures, have been exhibited and can be found in collections on both west and east coasts of the United States, and a few places in between.

Originally a figure drawer and painter, she began painting endangered landscapes — places threatened by development — as she worked with others to save a threatened wetlands area. Always a lover of the California landscape, Karen feels blessed to live in such an inspirational place.

Artist's Statement
Skies cloud up; the clouds bring rain to a thirsty earth. The roots of trees, vines, and grasses search for the water and draw it up and in. The trees, the vines, the grasses turn to the sky, hungry for light, breathing in the sun's benediction.

Everywhere you turn, there is more than meets the eye. The world is alive. It breathes; it grows, in all seasons. Everywhere you turn, everything is alive - it is all alive.

My mission as a painter is to see the life and paint it. It is that simple, and that challenging. The magic happens when you see the life, too.
When my paint on the canvas stirs recognition in you, when life calls to life, when shapes of light and dark stir memory, when color calls up the joy, the spirit, the deepest sense of the sacred in you - that is the magic of art.

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