Josanna Borelli-Zavala

I create sculpture of metal, stone, glass and wood for interior and exterior environments that is decorative, often functional and includes site specific work for the City of Napa and private clients. I am deeply influenced by the natural world around me and Nature remains my primary inspiration. I am most satisfied when my work reflects the spontaneity of Nature and maintains a tight bond between beauty, form and function. My sense of line and motion come from years of classical ballet and jazz and I frequently draw upon my background in textiles, clothing design and pattern drafting when creating a piece. I rarely begin to cut or bend metal until I have manipulated the flat, hard, monochromatic surface with varying high temperatures, mallets and grinding tools. The result makes the metal dance in the light with color, texture, motion and dimension like the pile in velvet fabric. I produce gates, doors, screens, lighting, planters, tables, vessels and decorative sculpture in my Napa home studio.

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