Beverly Wilson

Artist Details

Beverly Wilson turns ordinary moments into the extraordinary. Her oil paintings are inspired by the subtle changes of the seasons, temperature and light. With bold compositions, unique strokes, and a personal collection of colors, she expresses the universal rhythms of rural life and her love of the countryside. The land itself and man’s place in it are favorite themes.

As a student of Richard Diebenkorn in the early 1970s, she was drawn to the qualities of the expressionists and colorists and her work began an evolution into a vibrant style of her own. After earning a BFA from UCLA, she spent a year in Italy selling her sketches as she traveled through the vineyard regions of Tuscany and Umbria. It was this love of the wine country and the tranquility of rural life that brought her to the Napa Valley in 1983. She lives and paints in the Napa Valley countryside and wherever travels may take her.

Collectors include Beringer Vineyards, The Napa Valley Museum, The Doctor’s Company, The Banff School of Fine Arts, Justin Vineyards, Robert Craig Winery, Lasgoity Vineyards, Meritage Resorts, Napa River Inn, Demptos Cooperage and
U.S. Congressman Mike Thompson.

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