Robert Urrea

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Robert Urrea
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I have loved working with glass since the 1970's .At first it was doing stained glass art which ultimately filled every niche in the house that had a light source . By necessity , I had to try something a little different and smaller ,so I played with flame worked glass for a while, but have now moved to glass fusing for the last ten years. This medium allows opportunities to create luminescent glass jewelry with dichroic glass, as well as platters ,bowls , vases , trays and large glass flowers . Because the art glass community is constantly developing new techniques for use with fusing ,the field remains dynamic and exciting. Personally ,working with glass remains an ongoing and stimulating mystery for me ,as often one's result is not fully known until the glass is fired . The creative opportunities are endless and the technical aspects are often a challenge ,and the manual skills required keep a retired ENT surgeon like me a very happy camper. Hopefully, among the pieces I create ,you will find something which makes you smile , excites your artistic side ,provides a gift for a friend ,or a functionql display piece for your home.

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