Cheryl Thompson

Artist Details

Cheryl's love of art surfaced in the sun-drenched San Diego beach community where she grew up. Yet as an adult, her career followed a hard-driving corporate track. By the 1990s, her longing for a simpler, more fulfilling life led her to leave that world behind - to develop and run a family winery in California's Napa Valley. Surrounded by natural beauty, living life at a slower pace, Cheryl began to reconnect with her creativity.
Cheryl has put together a portfolio of color, movement and style all her own. Although very versatile in her subject matter, color is the predominant theme throughout all of her work "I strive to stretch myself and to paint subjects that create an emotional connection. Although all things are made of lines, light and color, to see the simplest thing in a different way; to look past the lines and bring excitement and joy to someone's life through my work is the goal."

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