Davina Rubin

When I first began painting, my artist friends told me I needed to have a "body of work." This meant that all my work needed to look similar enough so that it would be easily recognizable as a "Davina." Since I am often unsure of where a piece of art will take me, I found the idea of making things look enough alike to be a "body of work" difficult. As can be seen in the different pages on my Web site, my work is represented more by "body parts" than by one single body of work.

There are the cities, which seemed to come of their own accord for a while, and occasionally show up in newer works. There are works which evoke landscapes, pure abstracts, geometric work, and a series in black and white. In the coming years there will be more "body parts."

Yet there is a constant which runs through most of my work, and that is the layering of glazed color. Creating a sort of varnish by combining paint mixed with medium, I glaze layer on layer of color, mixing and blending, allowing colors to shine through from deep in the painting and up to the surface. Color to me is visual music, evoking an emotional response, sometimes healing or bringing a sense of serenity or delight.

In 2007 I spent a week painting in Sayulita, Mexico. Since then classes and workshops have helped me to refine my painting techniques and broadened my artistic reach.

New ventures include working with mixed media and with natural objects like driftwood.

Current/Previous Galleries

The Grand Hand Gallery - Napa, California
Arte de Sayulita - Sayulita, Mexico
VOCA Gallery - Venice, California
The Jessel Miller Gallery - Napa, California

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