Lisa Reid

Artist Details

My work is primarily now in oil although I travel with acrylic and watercolor. I paint in all sizes and am primarily a plein air ( field) painter that also does much work in the studio and is moving to more abstracted landscapes. Recently I went to the Holy Land and my current paintings reflect the spiritual side of that trip. All my life the need to create as been an inner directive. Painting and drawing started about 13 and has become not just a passion but a call. It has become the expression in many ways of my inner stirings of the spiritual and seeing relationships in my work. My paintings almost always have a metaphorical element to them with a landscape reference. Water speaks to me of life. Application of oil allows me to keep the work soft and approachable, my palette now more muted and tonal. It is with great joy and gratitude that I get to paint and express myself this way. It touches me when a buyer is moved by my work.

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